Eurofarm is a company dedicated to bringing you solutions for your livestock, meat and fish needs all over the world.

Eurofarm has started as a business partnership between 3 partners, in 2008. Focusing until 2017 on the marketing and promotion of the Romanian live animals and meat products throughout the world, its mission has evolved in 2018 into trading livestock, meat and fish.

One of the early goals of the company was to bring the Romanian Simmental, a dual-purpose breed, outside the borders of Romania. Eurofarm has helped establishing long lasting partnerships between local farmers and customers from Western Europe and the Middle East. Eurofarm is also proud to have introduced other European breeds such as Limousine, Blue Belgian and Holstein to Romanian farmers, strengthening their capacity to propose milk or meat specific cattle for the export markets.

Today, Eurofarm breeds within its own facilities, but also collects the cattle from its local partners, with the aim to become one of the top Romanian livestock exporter. Romania being one of the leading source of sheep livestock in Europe, with three main breeds, Tigaia, Turcana and Merino, the company also supplies lamb.

Owning in Romania two farms with a total capacity of 2,000 cattle heads and 10,000 sheep, Eurofarm partners with several producers from the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Austria and France, offering livestock adapted to your specifications. The company provides door-to-door logistic operations all over the world, working locally with its own fleet and internationally with the best land, sea and air livestock transporters.

Given its expertise in meat and its extended network, Eurofarm is also the trusted supplier of many European processors, distributors and retailers for pork, poultry and beef, fresh or frozen.

Its sales also include frozen fish and seafood with local sourcing directly in Asia, Europe and South America. Eurofarm provides aquaculture fishes such as tilapia or pangasius, sea fishes, and also processed seafood. Its team based in Asia ensures that the highest quality standards are always met and goods are delivered according to your specifications.