Sourcing and farming – Eurofarm collects, breeds and fattens Romanian Simmental, blue Belgian, Montbeliard, Charolais, Limousine cattle within its own facilities located in Ciaracio, Romania. On more than 11 Ha, 2,000 cattle heads and 10,000 sheep can be accommodated. Using a wide European network of supply bases enables Eurofarm to be a global partner for selling European livestock.

Shipping – Eurofarm oversees the entire transportation process: from selection to delivery to the final customer. From its facilities and its farming partners, Eurofarm organizes the transportation of the livestock either by truck, by sea transportation or by air to its final destination.

Trading – Eurofarm sources for you among its extended supplier network the most fitted meat or fish commodity you require, with worldwide delivery. From European pork, beef and poultry, through Chinese fish and seafood, Eurofarm has a wide product catalogue that will satisfy most of your needs.